How to choose good outdoor furniture

Outdoor wicker chairs are characterized by "warm in winter and cool in summer, unique in shape". Outdoor furniture brings a simple and fresh, quiet and idyllic atmosphere to people’s lives. Wicker chairs are suitable for private courtyards, garden villas, balcony terraces, and villas. Showrooms, bars, coffee shops, private clubs, tea houses, high-end apartments, resort hotels and real estate development, etc.



PE rattan,

Aluminum frame

Polyester cloth



Choosing an outdoor rattan chair and sofa, first depends on the thickness and width of the rattan



Secondly, it depends on the softness and thickness of the cushion fabric and the thickness of the cushion. Open the zipper to see if the filling inside is sealed with non-woven fabric, which is easy to remove and wash



Thirdly, see if the rattan is scratched, broken, or where the nails are missing. Because they are all handmade, there will inevitably be some defects




The rattan is divided into smooth surface and a little brushed feel, depending on personal preference

The fabric composition should be thicker, so that it will not affect the appearance if it is dirty and washed repeatedly.

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