Clever Ideas to choose a TV Stand, make your room more stylish

Some people say that the TV stand is the soul of the living room. A good TV stand not only requires beauty but also practicality. It has to be said that if you pick a suitable TV stand, the grade of the entire living room is a plus. 

Although TV sets have long lost their strong appeal, TV will always have a place at home, and it is still only a minority of people not to install TV. 

TV and TV stand is a classic match, because it can not only place the TV well, but also decorate the living room, and the most important thing is to store things. So what new styles are there for TV stands now? Let’s take a look with the editor today! 

1. Floor cabinet type 

Floor cabinet type is the simplest way of living room TV stand. You only need to choose the matching TV stand style according to the style of the living room, and you can match with a simple and refreshing decoration effect. 

The floor cabinet type mostly adopts a straight layout, which has a certain storage function, and is concise and atmospheric. It is suitable for houses with insufficient depth and narrow width.

2. Hanging cabinet type

The method of hanging cabinets is more simple and less space than floor cabinets. 

Visually, it gives people a sense of lightness and simplicity, and there is no hygienic corner at all. 

A sweeping robot can completely clean the floor of the living room, which is really suitable for lazy people. 

3. Combined 

If the living room space is limited, but you want the TV stand to carry part of the storage and display function, then the flexible combination is your best choice.

4. Integral 

Integral type is the most practical way of TV stand. Ask why, because it even saves money for background wall.

A cabinet = a wall, so the integrated type has the most powerful storage function while also providing a beautiful and atmospheric display space.