Housewares trends 2020

Houseware trend 2020 – Singles and Young Consumers become new trendy leaders

When we talk about online shopping on housewares and furniture, we will find that online scene matching and buying furniture have become the mainstream way, and live streaming has become a new trend. Globally, tens of millions of users buy furniture through scene matching and enjoy furniture matching and design services. Due to the epidemic, the number of live broadcast merchants has increased by 10 times, the transaction has increased by 8 times, and the additional purchase of UV through live broadcast has increased nearly 3 times year-on-year.

Among social media users who are interested in home furnishings, the post-90s and post-95s account for up to 60%, while singles account for 69.9%. Singles must pursue quality in their lives. The first choice of high percentage users is the two-bedroom apartment, and the small apartment will test everyone's use of space in daily life.

One very obvious change is that we can see: changes in lifestyle. Young people enjoy a relaxed and convenient home life in the name of "smart". Post-80s male consumers are the main consumers of smart home related categories. Post-90s and post-95s will soon become the purchasing power. As the work pressure of modern people is increasing day by day, it would be better if you go back home and hook your fingers and move your mouth to set all aspects of life. "If you can't move, you can't move" has become the life creed of these people. We found that throughout 2019, there was an explosive growth of smart home related content on social media.

For example in China, the overall retail sales of my country's housewares and home appliance market in the first quarter of 2020 was 120.4 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 35.8%, while high-end home appliances and small appliances with subdivision functions have steadily increased, and sales have risen. In response to the ever-increasing consumer demand for high-end housewares and  home appliances, and gaining insight into the market, HONOR Life has recently brought eco-chain products under the "Honorable Choice" series, combining technology with "fashion life" to create a pioneering life circle for young people in science and technology. Today's young people are all "colour control", and the value of the face is justice. This year young people are pursuing an attitude of design. For example, the integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner with suction and drag is interesting in that it provides a full-scene kit brush head, and can even record calorie consumption, and it can also exercise while cleaning.

At present, the core young users' views on technology have changed, and their problem-solving needs have given way to the needs of managing their lives. Intelligent new products are emerging one after another, and the acceptance of new products by young people is increasing day by day. For example, the fog-free humidifier in the ecological chain humidifies the environment through fog-free evaporation; the intelligent constant temperature electric kettle with a numerical control display at the bottom of the kettle can display the water temperature in real time, which is convenient for consumers to accurately control the temperature, such as 40 degrees brewing Milk powder, 55-degree honey lemonade, 85-degree coffee, etc., all directly hit the pain points of young people's daily life

As for the preference of home style, a single design style can no longer meet the aesthetic needs. More and more people pay attention to modern simplicity, mix and match, and new Chinese style. Although the Nordic and Japanese styles still receive greater attention, the slowdown in growth is becoming increasingly saturated; the new Chinese style and light luxury are likely to become the next hot spots. With the popularity of the Vintage lifestyle, retro style also occupies some space. In terms of colour, retro dark green, melancholic dark blue, pink and grey contrasting elements, the Morandi colour system of the fire in recent years has also been used in home decoration.

Nowadays, the attention of home improvement people to functional small spaces has increased dramatically. More people are beginning to pay attention to the creation of small and beautiful multifunctional spaces such as entrances. The social space and children's room have been paid more attention to, and there is more room for development. Among them, the most concerned small spaces are coffee corner, cloakroom and bedroom. The most discussed furniture depends on the favourite area of ​​the home. Among them, the furniture that has attracted more attention are beds, cabinets and desks. In the poll initiated by Weibo Home, the drunken area where everyone stayed at home was the bedroom, followed by the living room and bathroom.

Many young people believe that reasonable storage is the ultimate use of home space. Due to the limited living space, everyone's awareness of the use of corner space is constantly increasing. Organizing related content and discussions on Weibo have increased significantly. Organizing is still a key topic in home life, and the aesthetic concept of renunciation has affected most people.

So, who is in charge of the family in the modern world? There are more female consumers in categories that need more design and aesthetic minds, such as whole-house customization and soft decoration (including green plants and gardening, bedding, residential furniture, home fabrics, and home decoration lighting); while in the field of traditional decoration materials, they It is still the world of male consumers. More post-90s and post-95s choose to spend on home improvement and home furnishing-related consumption in Taobao, especially in the whole-house customization and soft furnishing market. For traditional offline consumer categories such as whole house customization and residential home furnishing, post-90s and 95s are more inclined to complete online purchases.