How to match the coffee table in the living room

How to match the coffee table in the living room

1. If the color of the coffee table in the living room is neutral, it is easier to coordinate with the space.


2. The coffee table in the living room does not have to be placed in the middle of the front of the sofa. It can also be placed next to the sofa, in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, with tea sets, lamps, potted plants and other decorations, which can show an alternative home style.


3. A small piece of carpet that matches the space and sofa can be laid under the glass coffee table, and a small potted plant can be placed to make the tabletop a beautiful pattern.


4. The height of the coffee table in the living room is generally flush with the sofa sitting surface; in principle, it is better that the legs of the coffee table and the armrest of the sofa are consistent with the feet.


5. If the space at home is relatively large, you can consider a wooden coffee table with a calm and dark color. In addition to the large coffee table with the main sofa, you can also choose a higher side table beside the single chair in the hall as a functional and decorative small coffee table to add more interest and changes to the space.


6. In a relatively small living room, the owner can choose a comfortable fabric sofa, a small plastic coffee table, a small glass coffee table or a rectangular metal coffee table that matches the Nordic modern and simple style. These coffee tables can adjust the sense of space and the projection of light, making the small space present a bright, warm and fashionable style.