How to install the office chair

How to install the office chair

1. Open the carton first, and after a little sorting of the contents inside, first insert the wheel vertically into the pores of the five-star feet, and apply a little effort. All 5 must be installed and then turned over.

2. Then insert the lifting rod directly into the middle hole of the five-star foot.

3. Then remove all the 5 screws at the bottom of the seat cushion and install the tray.

4. In the same way, remove the screws on the backrest, and then install the backrest frame.

5. Then insert the five-star foot into the hole of the tray, adjust the height and tighten the screws.

6. The screws on the armrests should also be removed. Then install the armrests on the left and right sides to complete the installation of the computer chair.