Important points to consider when you buy office chairs

The main points of buying office chairs

The most important function of an office chair is to help maintain the correct sitting posture to reduce fatigue and make sedentary work more comfortable. The leaders of this section analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the products from the appearance and types of chairs, so that everyone can choose suitable products according to different situations.

Consider the use time and placement space, choose the most suitable chair back height

Chairs are usually based on the height of the shoulder blades, and are roughly divided into two types: "high back" and "low back". Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. When buying, you need to consider the size, shape, and budget of the chair. . Generally speaking, high-back chairs usually have more additional functions and are more comfortable to sit on. They are especially suitable for people who need to sit for a long time. However, high-back chairs are usually more expensive, and the budget is at least a few thousand. Yuan is enough.

The average price of chairs with short backs is relatively cheaper, and there are also high-back styles that are as comfortable as possible. Although the support of the low backrest is weak, it is small in size and looks less oppressive. It is suitable for small spaces such as single rooms, or with a low and simple design table.

Choose the type of office chair

Office chairs can be roughly divided into three types. The following will introduce the characteristics and pros and cons of the three types one by one. You can read and see which performance meets your needs.

Ergonomic chair: It fits the human body and has good support, and it is not easy to work for a long time without backache

Word processing, drawing, video editing, programming, and other tasks often need to maintain a sitting position for several hours. If the chair is not easy to sit on, it will not only cause back pain, but also affect concentration at work. The back of the ergonomic chair is made to match the natural curvature of the spine, allowing users to easily maintain a correct and upright sitting posture, and reduce the burden on the waist, back, buttocks and even arms of the sedentary posture.

Although the ergonomic chair is more expensive, the performance in terms of comfort is definitely the most stable of the three types. It is suitable for readers who spend 90% of their time in the chair.

Rotating office chairs: affordable and rich in variety

This kind of office chair with rollers and slidable rotation usually has no other special functions, the back of the chair is low, and there is no too fancy design. The cheapest goods can be bought within a few hundred to one thousand yuan. A good choice to keep your budget down. Although it does not have many functions, this type of chair is the most common and easy to obtain. It has a variety of materials and shapes, and it can match the interior decoration to choose favorite patterns.

However, cheap products often lack structural stability, lack of support, and parts are easily damaged. Sitting for a long time is prone to fatigue. If you need to sit on a chair for a long time, it is recommended to raise your budget slightly and choose products with armrests and cushions with high cushioning power.

Senior boss chair: stylish appearance and texture, both with high comfort

High-end boss chairs are often called president chairs and president chairs. They are usually conservative in design. They usually have a high backrest and high-quality leather table cloth. They look particularly imposing and can instantly change the atmosphere of the entire space. The seat surface of this type of seat is usually relatively large, and many products also have a design that relieves pressure and helps relax with a suspension system and a flat back. The comfort is no less than that of an ergonomic chair.

However, because of the higher-end materials used, the price of the boss chair is obviously higher, and the size is also too large. It is not suitable for a small space. For the average petty bourgeoisie, the CP value is low. However, if you are in charge or have a spacious personal office, choosing this style of chair will also have the effect of erecting an image of authority, so that your subordinates and customers will be in awe of you!

Choose according to fabric material

After understanding the differences between the above three types, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of several common chair surface materials.

Fabric: Rich in variety and good touch, but difficult to clean after being stained

Most of the office staff chairs are made of artificial fibers such as non-woven fabrics and nylon fabrics. The material of the fabric is moderately hard, and it is not easy to be sore after sitting for a long time. The prices are generally cheaper, which is suitable for large-scale purchases by schools, cram schools, companies and other institutions. use.

However, the type and touch of the fabric will greatly affect the convenience and comfort of use. Some fabrics may even be difficult to clean up when stained by jeans, stained with beverages, ink, etc., and it is troublesome to maintain and may soon It will look dark and dirty. Readers who are concerned about the look and feel are recommended to choose dark fabrics so that small stains will not be too obvious if they accidentally stain them.

Breathable mesh: well ventilated and not easy to be stuffy, durability depends on the price

The biggest advantage of breathable mesh is that it has good air permeability. Even when sitting and working for a long time, it can keep the part in contact with the chair dry and comfortable. The mesh material also has good support, and you can also lean back on the back of the chair to relax while working. However, too cheap mesh fabrics are easy to break and damage, and may also have problems such as lack of suspension design and insufficient seat back. It is recommended to avoid too cheap products to avoid buying products with poor durability.

Synthetic leather, real leather: anti-friction, anti-staining and high durability, high price must be carefully evaluated

Synthetic leather, real leather: anti-friction, anti-staining and high durability, high price must be carefully evaluated

The leather material is the most durable and the easiest to maintain among the three materials. Office chairs usually use artificial leather made of PVC and PU, which has the advantages of dirt resistance and abrasion resistance. In addition, a small number of high-end products use leather. The color and texture of leather will change over time. Although it can form a unique flavor, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance, and it is easy to affect the softness of the seat due to temperature, such as The chair cushion may be harder in cold weather.

Although the price of leather material is much higher, in order to ensure that the chair can really be used for a long time, you must carefully check the details of the work and design; especially real leather is easily affected by the environment, remember to evaluate personal use before buying Habits, office temperature and humidity conditions.

Choose "forward posture" or "backward posture" according to the work situation

Office chairs can be divided into two types, "forward-leaning" and "backward-leaning" depending on the tilting method. The following will explain what kind of situation is suitable for forward or backward tilting.

Forward Leaning: Those who need to lower their heads to read or write, and often look down

When using a notebook computer, handwriting or reading paper documents, it is more suitable for a forward-leaning seat. The forward-leaning seat can adjust the cushion and back of the seat forward, making it easier for users to maintain a forward-leaning posture. In addition, there are many forward-leaning styles that can fully fold the seat back to save storage space; some seat backs also have the function of reclining, which can meet the needs of both forward and backward. When purchasing, please pay attention to whether the product has slogans such as "forward tilt function" and "adjustable chair back angle".

Lean back style: can easily maintain the back sitting posture and maintain the line of sight

When working with a desktop computer, the line of sight is usually close to level, and the sitting posture is relatively straight and lying back, which is suitable for reclining seats. The reclining seat usually strengthens the cushioning of the waist and back, and can fully fit the back of the seat when the body is leaned back, maintaining a comfortable reclining posture. It is recommended that you choose a style with a higher back and a solid support, so that you can use it as a recliner for a rest.

Convenient to adjust the seat height, the handle type is the most convenient

The office chair with seat height adjustment function can adjust the sitting posture with different body shapes and different height desks, and the application range is naturally wider. When adjusting the seat height of commercial products, there are mainly two ways to adjust the height of the screw and move the handle up and down. In terms of practicality, the handle operation is the simplest and labor-saving; some higher-end products even break through the traditional multi-stage adjustment and switch to automatic inflation. Adjusting the height of the seat enables precise fine-tuning through deflation and inflation.

However, many low-priced products are either unable to be adjusted, or the adjustment effect is not good, and the operation is difficult. Be sure to try it out to avoid stepping on thunder when buying!

Confirm other additional functions

In addition to the above functions, the office chair also has multiple functions such as footrest and multi-component adjustment. Let us take a look at what other good designs can be selected!

Recliner, lock adjustment function: can be adjusted freely according to the posture 

In addition to the tilt angle and height of the chair back, some office chairs can also adjust the front and back of the cushion. And these multi-stage adjustment functions can be divided into only the backrest adjustable type, the backrest cushion linkage type, and the seat cushion and backrest can be adjusted separately.

Although most office chairs have basic backrest adjustments, the adjustment range is often limited. The styles of adjustable cushions and backrests usually have a wider range of adjustment; while the styles with individually adjustable cushions and backrests can even directly become recliners with moderate inclination, which can be relaxed from head to toe.

Armrests and footrests: help improve the quality of rest

Armrests and footrests allow users to relax their hands and feet while resting, which helps improve the quality of rest. In particular, the armrest can also be used as a support point when leaving and sitting, making it safer and more convenient to use. If the budget is sufficient, it is best to buy products that include these two functions.

However, the armrests and footrests will also increase the volume of the chair. If the desk is too short and the space under the desk is too small, it is very likely that the chairs cannot be stored close together. It is recommended that you make sure to measure the size of the desk and office chair when buying. Compatible, or choose a style with removable armrests and footrests to prevent the seat from being stowed and occupying space.

Lumbar support pad: can reduce back fatigue and relieve back pain

Poor sitting posture for a long time and osteoporosis can cause low back pain when seated. Friends who are troubled by this aspect can choose an office chair with a built-in lumbar support. This type of office chair is usually equipped with a waist-supporting structure, or uses an S-shaped chair back suit to stick to the waist and hips to relieve muscle pressure; usually high-back styles will have this function, as long as you sit for a long time, your back will feel sore. People can pay special attention to this design.