6 Types of Outdoor Furniture maintenance guide

Outdoor Furniture 1 - Awnings, sun umbrellas-fear of bumps - how to maintain

Sunshade products are mostly supported by iron pipes and aluminum pipes. During the installation process, care should be taken to handle them with care, and try to avoid damage due to bumps or local excessive force. At the same time, although awnings and sun umbrellas are specially used for outdoor shading and leisure, they are not really used for sheltering from wind and rain. Therefore, they should be avoided as much as possible in windy and heavy rain. If there is water on the top cloth, remove it in time to avoid long-term stress and damage to the umbrella stand.

Outdoor Furniture 2 - Plastic tables and chairs-fear of exposure

Outdoor leisure tables and chairs made of plastic materials should be placed on a stable ground or grass as far as possible to avoid shaking and tilting. The cleaning of plastic tables and chairs is very simple. You only need to wipe them with ordinary detergent and then rinse with water. However, plastic tables and chairs must be avoided from exposure to the sun, otherwise problems such as fading and breakage will occur.

Outdoor Furniture 3 - Rattan furniture-fear of deformation

Rattan tables and chairs or recliners are relatively light and easy to move, so you can use water and detergent when cleaning such tables and chairs. To clean the dust of rattan furniture, in addition to gently wiping with a rag, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. When using rattan furniture, pay attention to the joints of the rattan and try not to expose the rattan openings, otherwise it is easy to bend and deform.

Outdoor Furniture 4 - Imitation rattan furniture-afraid of scratching

The outdoor furniture made of rattan is made of synthetic polyester resin. High temperature will cause the rattan to become soft, which will cause the rattan furniture to deform and become unusable. Therefore, when using rattan furniture, you must avoid sun exposure, and avoid hard objects that affect the appearance.

Outdoor Furniture 5 - Wooden furniture-afraid of rain

Wooden furniture used outdoors is treated with special anti-corrosion, rain and sun protection. It is required to maintain the corresponding temperature and humidity during use. At the same time, direct sunlight and rain should be avoided as much as possible to avoid discoloration or cracking and deformation of the surface of the furniture. If it is not used for a long time, it is best to cover it with plastic cloth. The surface paint film coating of wooden tables and chairs can well protect the surface of furniture, so the surface paint film of wooden outdoor furniture should be polished and cleaned regularly. If you need to maintain and refurbish, you can use special outdoor wooden furniture protective oil, scrub and apply according to the specified method, and it is recommended to maintain it every 3 to 6 months.

Outdoor Furniture 6 - Cast iron tables and chairs-fear of corrosion

Avoid bumps when using cast iron tables and chairs. This kind of furniture cannot be placed in places with too many hard objects, and it cannot be changed and shaken frequently. It is best to use a pure cotton cloth when wiping such products, which is soft and free of residue. In particular, it should be noted that since acid and alkali have a strong corrosive effect on iron, iron tables and chairs must be kept away from acid and alkali, and do not use soapy water or vinegar to clean them.

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